Seat & meal at night

Depending on your wishes, we offer a variety of dishes, from set meals and one-dish dishes to kaiseki courses and shabu-shabu courses.

Local Kakegawa brand beef [Kakegawa beef] and [specially selected domestic beef] were used.
Shabu-shabu, sakiyaki

For the [special occasion] of our customers.
How about a kaiseki course or shabu-shabu course?

It is a guide of the single item and the course of shabu-shabu and yakiyaki which have been very popular.

◆Shabu-shabu and sakiyaki of local Kakegawa brand beef [Kakegawa beef]

◆Shabu-shabu and sakiyaki of specially selected domestic beef

◆Shabu-shabu of pork (there is no sakiyaki)
 掛川牛しゃぶしゃぶ 4,378円(税込)

地元掛川のブランド牛【掛川牛】 や【特選国産牛】を使用した

 牛しゃぶしゃぶ 3,080円(税込)

地元掛川のブランド牛【掛川牛】 や【特選国産牛】を使用した