Torraki is focusing on preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.

Thorough infection control is the same not only for customers but also for staff.

We do not control infection because "only one person infection" becomes serious!

Why don't you create a smile for your customers together in a thorough infection control?
Spacious tatami room

Open with fewer seats

I keep in mind the thorough disinfection. (Image image)

During the inspection to customers

In recognition of corona countermeasures and customer service initiatives, it was selected as the Kakegawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry's "Excellent Store Excellence Award"! !


At first, I was worried about things like "I can't do it for myself", or "What should I do if I bother you?".

But at first it's everyone's first time, and no one can do it from the beginning!

We will support your motivated work together!!

Why don't you create a shop that is loved by customers together?

"I want to hear a little story..." Of course, it is OK only by it! !
For details, please contact our staff or Hello Work! (Job number 22060-01680411)

We look forward to your application!!