A happy new year!

I'll say hello to you for the New Year first, if you're late.

Year.Happy New Year!!!

We will continue to make efforts by all employees so that we can help create more "special times for our customers" this year,
Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement! !

Well, it's been cold since the end of last year...The arrival of springAndThe End of the CoronaI can't wait!!!!
But before that, my mind is about to be frustrated.(_ _;)

In the same way as the cry of my heart, I put it out early in the new year,1April 14(Tree)We will let you know because the contents of Tora and bento will change from!!

First of all, instead of shrimp imoda raku,

"Soft Pork Tenderlet"

It is a crispy and juicy pork hill cutlet! !

Next, it changes to a bath blowing radish,"Cooking winter vegetables"です。

It has a gentle taste unique to a Japanese restaurant perfect for cold winters.

Finally, instead of assorted celebratory appetizers,"Hokuhoku Pumpkin Quiche"です。

This is also a pumpkin that is in season now, baked firmly in the oven and made into a quiche.

The year has changed, and "Let's switch feelings and do our best!!!And the arrow tip that put the airEmergency declaration issued・・・・。(_ _;)(_ _;)(_ _;)

I was greatly snorted,Let's believe that now is the bottom and work hard without losing!!!(^^)(^^)(^^)
(Because I'm a strong type of adversity.) lol)

Then, we look forward to becoming one of our employees, thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures, and meeting you!!

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